will receive 1 bulb ready to be planted.  bulb size may vary . Mature reach up to 8 to 9 feet tall. shipment will be priority of 3 to 5 days depends where you are located. For more information You can communicate at any time Thank you.  when received plant water ones needs full sun before adding water please dig finger two inches deep, water only if it's dry pulp contain a high amount of water in it. only it's necessary make sure that the soil is dry.
 any question of care of the plants you can communicate with me at anytime, thanks for looking

Additional shipping charge are required for this Item. Please contact seller, will be using a medium or large flat rate Priority box. All depend on quantity of items.

Se requieren cargos de envío adicionales para este artículo. Póngase en contacto con el vendedor, utilizará caja  Medium o Large flat rate Priority box. Todo depende de la cantidad de artículos. 939-233-0105

Platano, plantain plant, bulb