Heliconia Iris Red + pink/white torch live = 2 Rhizomes, . Grows well in partial shade to full sun. Blooms from December to July. 

Plant habit is erect, from 4-8 feet tall..
What you get Heliconia Iris Red 1 Rhizomes, 
When received please use a 2 gallon pot or larger, water to remove any air Puckett. do not water every day,  is not necessary will die. Only ship on Monday and Tuesday, priority it take 3 to 4 days. It depends on location any question please do so. Contact us


the rhizomes will not be dug up until shipping and then they will be cleaned and carefully packed in DAMP NEWSPAPER to ensure freshness. Doing it this way will keep the roots moist and viable, I will try and get one that has a new shoot but I cant guarantee it.


Heliconia live RHIZOME